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Due to the ongoing staffing and personnel scheduling modifications, all new and pending requests will likely face a delay in being fulfilled. The Office of the Custodian of Public Records will remain on duty. However, with much of UNM's staff away from their normal work spaces, duties, and documents, IPRA requests will present a burden to fulfill. This will be especially true for requests directed at UNM Hospital, as the administration, medical staff, and other providers will center efforts on UNMH's clinical response to the pandemic.  

As always, we will all work to fulfill your requests as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this unique and stressful time. 

This web portal will help you communicate with the UNM Custodian of Public Records staff about what documents you need. Many documents are already available online. See the descriptions and links below. Otherwise, go to the "Make Request" button.

FEES:  We are currently assessing the fee structure related to the processing of IPRA requests and the production of public records.  During this time, the fees associated with the processing and production of electronic public records produced pursuant to IPRA requests will be waived. The University of New Mexico reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for the production of non-electronic records.

Employee Verification go to http://payroll.unm.edu/uconfirm.html

Student Records/Transcripts go to https://registrar.unm.edu/

Medical Records go to http://hsc.unm.edu/health/patients-visitors/request-medical-records.html 

Athletics Department Employment Contracts & Game Contracts go to https://golobos.com/game-employment-contracts/

Current UNM Pay/Salary Data go to https://sunshine.unm.edu/index.html

Athletics Concession Contracts and NCAA Reports go to https://athleticscontracts.unm.edu/

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